Best Sustainability Reporting and Management Software

Best Sustainability Reporting and Management Software 2021

Looking for best sustainability reporting and management software which you can use for your business?

If yes, then this is the best article where you can find out the 10 best sustainability reporting and management software.

Companies use sustainability software to manage the use of resources, reduce emission of harmful products and reduce the cost of operations. This software is helpful in cutting down the costs, building brand reputation, complying with regulations, identifying issues, and so on.

By identifying the causes of waste, the companies can manage the usage rate, reduce the cost associated with them and plan the sustainability strategy accordingly.

The sustainability reporting software works to derive accurate data by integrating with important infrastructure and already existing IT management systems. Such type of software must be able to keep a track of the resource usage and carbon emission and create data-driven reports.

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Features of Sustainability Reporting Software

Features of Sustainability Reporting Software

1. Compliance Management

These software helps the businesses to meet the regulations framed for waste reduction, carbon emission and usage of energy. External and internal audits are made by this software to keep a check on compliance.

2. Performance Management

There are various features in the sustainability software that compares the performance of the organization against other companies and established guidelines.

3. Collects Data

These software can retrieve the data with various methods like by monitoring the carbon emission, connecting to energy meters, integrating with already existing business systems and importing the bills from utility.

4. Reporting

The sustainability software prepares the report on the basis of energy usage and identifies the trends and inefficiencies.

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Below Mentioned Are Some Best Sustainability Reporting and Management Software

1. ETQ Reliance

Many strong brands use ETQ Reliance as their trusted sustainability reporting software. Companies from various industries such as electronics, food & beverages, medical, and many others use this software to enhance profitability and increase brand reputation and customer loyalty. It easily solves environment, health and safety problems.

Whether the user needs are simple or requires complete configuration, it is available for all.

The solutions offered by this software are environmental management, health and safety monitoring, complaints management for life sciences, supply chain quality, enterprise risk management, and nonconformance handling.

2. Donesafe

It is amazing sustainability management software as it connects everyone from the management system right from workers to executives in the boardroom. It can work both online and offline. This software aligns with the requirements of the company with the help of built-in templates.

It takes care of the safety requirements in the company creating a safe environment for the employees.

It offers great benefits such as smart forms, quick set-up, report builder, 24-7 support system, reporting admin control, easy to use dashboards, and drag-and-drop workflow.

3. Mapistry

It is the best sustainability reporting software that manages compliance for SPCC, storm water and other hazardous materials. This cloud-based platform tracks everything efficiently from a single dashboard.

The companies can reduce the risk through this software.


This software publishes real time water information. There are different versions of this software.  AQUARIUS Time-Series helps the companies in managing the water resources. If the companies want quality control data, get better rating curves and report in real-time, this is ideal software.

  • AQUARIUS Sample makes sample management easy. It saves time by streamlining the sample collected from the environmental lab and field.
  • AQUARIUS Web Portal is very helpful in providing customised dashboard, live reports, statistics, maps and alerts for the stakeholders.
  • AQUARIUS Forecast helps in creating simpler workflows.


This software is effective in air quality analysis. The analysis is done according to the Gaussian air dispersion model. It makes it easy for the companies to address the regulatory issues and perform academic research.

6. Cority

It is reliable EHSQ software. This company has more than 30 years of experience. It provides different solutions such as environmental management, occupational health solution, ergonomics, industrial hygiene, safety management and quality management.

7. BreezoMeter

This software provides information about real-time and street-level air quality. It reports the data related to air pollution, active fires and pollen. Individuals can also use its Android and iOS app for free.

8. IntegrityNext

This software allows the companies to monitor their supplier in terms of sustainability and regulatory compliance. It provides services in over 130 countries.

IntegrityNext also monitors all the self-assessments and certificates of the suppliers. It offers a wide range of solutions such as environmental protection, data protection, anti-corruption, quality management, trading partner security, supply chain responsibility, etc.


This software offers data collation solutions for both desktop and mobile platforms. It is great in data compartmentalization. Drag and drop interface is available with customized forms. It has customizable dashboard and makes everything easy to access with a cloud-based system.

10. Intelex

This software specializes in environmental, health & safety and business performance management. It collects, tracks and reports the data in real-time. Users of this software can improve the operational efficiency, manage the risks and comply with all the requirements.

It is very helpful in waste management, water quality management, and permits management. This software is used by various industries such as automotive, aerospace, education, food & beverages, and many others.


Sustainability reporting and management software is essential for every organization as it provides various benefits like increasing the profits, delivering the competitive advantages, enhancing the business reputation and minimizing the costs. The above-mentioned list includes major software that have been popular among the top companies.

All have different features and purposes. The software can be selected as per the needs of the companies. So, get one of the software and make sustainability reporting easier and more accurate.

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